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Abilene and a new Couch!

We went to Abilene this past weekend and had a great time. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures – but we got to see Erika and Kino, and spend the afternoon swimming. It was a very relaxing weekend. Jalyn’s swimming is improving every day – he really got the hang of it at Sandy and Gary’s – they have a slide that he would go down and then swim to the side of the pool. He did great. Cole would even let go of my fingers every now and then!

When we got back yesterday we assembled our new couch. It is a little smaller than we thought, but fits great in our smaller living room. It even folds out into a bed – and the chaise is very comfy. Here is a picture – with Cole lounging on the chaise and Jalyn playing some Wii Golf.

Jalyn goes for his well-child check-up tomorrow – I hope we like the doctor and I hope that he doesn’t have to get any shots!

Our Realtor said there is a chance we might get an offer on our house tomorrow – some people looked at it today and were asking for the inspection reports. I don’t want to jinx anything, but prayers for a good offer would be greatly appreciated!!

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