Watts Words – Summer is here.

What a week! In the past 7 days – we’ve had the last day of school/JJ’s last day of elementary school and Memorial Day.  Lots of joy with some nostalgia thrown in the mix.  Summer is here and with it we’ve already had wonderful times with family and down time as well.  Yay Summer! This […]

School is Out!

The craziness that is MAY is almost over, school is out, and baseball is down to 1 boy! Summer is here!!  I almost didn’t make it through May. I have never forgotten more or been late more than I have this May. So glad that it is almost over. Even though the last day of […]

Don’t Worry, I’ll Remember

I used to be so proud of my ability to remember things. Obnoxiously proud. “Oh you have to write stuff down to remember?? Not me, I’ve got it all in here (pointing to my head)”. I think I would shoot that me right about now. As with lots of people, the older I get, the […]

Watts Words of the Week IV

Happy Monday!    It’s time for Watts Words of the Week.  But first, a quick recap: This week held all sorts of excitement!  We had storms, STAAR, projects, and normal stuff.  The storm was the biggie, with the trampoline taking a trip to the neighbors.  That could have its own Watts Words of the Week.  Check […]

Flight of the Trampoline

Storms in Texas always have the potential to be severe. Sometimes the severe is exciting, while other times it is destructive. The storm experienced last night was a bit of both. The evening started normally enough. I made dinner, the boys finished chores, and we turned the Rangers game on. There had been a few […]

Watts Words of the Week III

Happy Tuesday! After a relaxing weekend of being pampered by my boys (Happy Mother’s Day), Monday hit harder than usual.  This week holds the normal business of every week – Scouts, baseball, etc – but also the STAAR test.  Jalyn has taken them enough by now to not get too worked up over them, but […]

The Road to Best Mom Ever

Happy Mother’s Day!!  I am lucky to have amazing women in my life; my super awesome mom, mother-in-law,  grandmothers, step mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, and friends that help me everyday to be the best mom I can be.  It takes a village, not to just raise our kiddos, but to raise moms too.      […]

You are having a Wonderful Childhood

A year or so ago, my friend Rebecca started declaring “You are having a wonderful childhood!” to any kids within earshot during times of fun, travel, or general memory making.  This statement has become a fixture in our neighborhood and household. We use it in a few different scenarios but all are ultimately to remind the kids to be […]

Watts Words of the Week II

Time for the second installment of Watts Words of the Week.  But first a quick recap: Another week has come and gone which means I’m one week closer to having a teenager! Still not ready.  I have 1 month to get there.   JJ toured the Jr High this week.  While I’m not ready – he […]