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April 2016

Thanks Timehop

On normal days, Timehop and Facebook Memories are great.  They are little #tbt everyday and you know I love a good throwback pic.  I love to see pictures of the boys from years ago or relive a Rangers game through… Continue Reading →

Watts Words of the Week

In a household full of sarcastic preteens and super clever adults, we manage to say some notable things.  I’ve decided to keep a log of these words for posterity.  There is never a dull moment. Hopefully I’ll get better at… Continue Reading →

Our Family Mission Statement

Scrolling through Pinterest the other day, I decided The Watts needed a family mission statement.   This sent me down a rabbit hole of blogs and images of other family statements.   I ended up following a simplified version of… Continue Reading →

They aren’t Frisbees, they are Discs!

Cole has discovered a new hobby. . . .disc golf.  It is a game that suits him and that he has quite the knack for.  The game is relatively new to our family. It was introduced to Jason through a… Continue Reading →

Always Keep Fighting

My Love Yourself First shirt came in the mail the other day.  It is my favorite of the Always Keep Fighting campaigns – and not just because I got it in a baseball tee.  The design and message are easy… Continue Reading →

Wait, What?!

This week held a quite a few ‘Hold up Time!’ moments.  (not my favorite recurring theme) After the realizations of the Color Run, the very next day I got to experience a  Jr High planning meeting. The Jr High meeting… Continue Reading →

Watts Take Washington DC

For Christmas 2015, we decided we needed to go about presents a different way.  Both boys are to the age where Christmas presents are getting smaller and more expensive, but they still don’t make a lasting impression.  Neither one of… Continue Reading →

The First of the Lasts

Today was our schools Color Run fundraiser.  It is a fundraiser we have always supported but never been able to attend.  Baseball and rain kept us from the event.  Since I’m not much of a runner and Jason isn’t one… Continue Reading →

The Perfect #TBT Pic (Happy Birthday Mom!)

It’s Thursday – which means I get to flip through old photo albums or scroll through Picasa/Google Photos looking for a #tbt picture. Today was special as I searched for one to celebrate my mom’s birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!!… Continue Reading →

Cole Goes to Austin

As Cole jumped out of my car and ran to catch up to a friend, a knot of anxiety I wasn’t even aware of, dissipated.  My baby was excited to go on a field trip to Austin! Every year, the… Continue Reading →

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