Jack-o-lantern time

We finally got around to carving our jack-0-lantern this year. It turned out to be a good one too! Cole still doesn’t like the ‘guts’ – he tried but got very grossed out by it. I think he almost gagged when he was pulling out seeds and goo – we had to get a paper […]

So long tee ball!

Jalyn had his last tee ball game last Saturday. The team did so well – about the time they start to get the hang of everything – the season is over! Of course!! After the game, they had an end of season party. We all went to a pizza place – had pizza and cupcakes […]

Pumpkin Painting

Today the boys painted the pumpkins Jalyn picked at the pumpkin patch. They were too little to carve – although I’m sure we’ll get a pumpkin or two for that soon – so we got some paint and they went to work. Jalyn’s has multiple scary faces – and Cole’s is more abstract. They look […]

Another haircut

Well the desire to look like Daddy and brother won out over the desire to have the best hair in the family. Jason cut Jalyn’s hair – and then his own. I’m wondering now if I will succumb to the ‘buzz cut’! I’m sure I could get a good deal at ‘Salon de Jason.”

New Haircut

Cole decided the other day that he wanted his haircut like Daddy. So Daddy got out his clippers and went to work. As you can see, Cole wasn’t terribly thrilled with the process – his hair is so fine that it took a little longer and more pressure had to be used. But when it […]

Hook ’em Horns!/Pumpkin Patch

Hook ’em Horns!!! We are so proud of our Longhorns! We read a headline yesterday that said “Colt – blooded Victory!” Pretty clever. We actually missed most of the game because Jalyn had a tee ball game, but luckily there were several people there keeping tabs on the game and they kept us updated. Also […]


We have been so busy lately! Jalyn’s tee ball is going great – he is learning the game and seems to be pretty good at it. We had a parent/teacher conference with Jalyn’s teacher last week that went really well. She said he is doing great and hopefully will be reading soon. In the car […]