First Day of School!!!

Today was Jalyn’s first day of school! I didn’t get to take him – and still haven’t decided how I feel about that. It saved me from any first day tears (or sobs like last year) – but I feel like I missed something too. Jason walked him to school and once inside Jalyn didn’t […]

Tee Ball here we come!

We got Jalyn signed up for tee-ball this week. He is so excited! He used some money from Mimi to buy himself a tee and a new bat – and we got him a new glove (he outgrew his old one – so it now belongs to Cole) , some hitting gloves, and some cleats. […]

Green Hair!

Jalyn has turned into quite the swimmer this summer – he can swim across the pool with no help and has gotten good at diving for rings too. As if to prove what a great swimmer he is – his hair has turned a wonderful shade of green. You can’t really tell in the picture […]